Amie Rader

Position:Fitness Instructor & Yoga Teacher
Fav. School Sport:Softball and running for stupid periods of time

Amy Rader is a yoga teacher, personal trainer, and group exercise instructor living and working all over the damn place in the greater Kansas City metro. She is passionate about making yoga and exercise non-intimidating and welcoming to even the most nervous and hesitant of participants. Amy loves to do weird shit like chant and live in ashrams, but she's also a big fan of beer and talking way too loud in quiet restaurants. She loves everything, which explains her Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts and her Master's degree in Kinesiology, and why she still contemplates growing up to be an astronaut, a ballerina, and an architect. But she especially loves Coleen and is excited to be a part of PEKC, where ALL HUMANS CAN EXERCISE.

Accomplishments & Certifications:

  • 2017 — 500 RYT in progress, expected completion October
  • 2016 — 200 hour RYT, Max Strom
  • 2014 — 200 hour RYT, Darling Yoga
  • 2012 — ACSM CPT
  • 2012 — MSEd Kinesiology
  • 2009 — BS Visual Arts - Painting
  • 2007 — AFAA Group Exercise Instructor
  • Still alive after almost 30 consecutive years of life