Angela Fitle

Position:Fitness Coach

Angela is not an athlete and never has been. She grew up in a household where "girls aren't supposed to have muscles" and was told she couldn't play sports or even mow the lawn because she would "become flat-chested" and "look like a boy." Instead, Angela became a nerd about literature and history. One of her first acts of rebellion after high school was to enlist in the Army where she learned how to carry a rifle and march for miles at a time, before getting shipped out to combat. Pretty bad-ass, right? But it did not take long for Angela to long for her nerdy roots, so she traded in the rifle for text books.

She earned a Bachelor's degree from UMKC and a Law degree from KU. Still hungry for accomplishment, Angela realized that maybe she had put on a pound or two...or 40...while she was busy hitting the books. Angela tried running, but never took to it. She started out with a few Pilates classes (where Angela first met Coleen!) then Strength classes. Through the guidance and encouragement of her personal trainers, Angela is now in the best shape of her life! She became an NASM certified Personal Trainer so that she could use what she learned from her own personal struggles to help others discover a happier, healthier version of themselves.

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