Jauqui Craig

Position:Yoga Teacher

My background in music and dance has created the perfect combination and foundation for me to FALL IN LOVE WITH YOGA. After exploring a variety of fitness disciplines, including dipping my toe in the mad mad world of ultra running, I've hung up my running shoes and turned all my attention to my yoga practice.

My yoga of choice is Integrated Vinyasa Flow, which incorporates movement and breath to achieve agility, balance and grounding - on and off the mat.

My teaching gravitates towards the Yin, lunar or slow tempo vinyasa flow class, focusing on de-compressing and de-stressing. In a world where we are constantly moving, running, checking in, and "logging on" - I want to offer an opportunity for a "time-out." My classes take you from movement to stillness - a perfect compliment to a hectic day or strenuous training.

My personal journey living with the autoimmune condition, alopecia areata, has lead me to understanding the importance of a healthy diet and stress management. Both have been big players in managing the effects of my condition, both physical and mental. Yoga has been my main avenue to daily stress-management.

I offer a space fueled by community, support, and a heavy dose of light-hearted laughter, for anyone and everyone with the desire to reach a fitness or life goal.

Accomplishments & Certifications:

  • 2016 - 200 Hour RYT - Colorado School of Yoga, Integrative Vinyasa (Sarah Kucera, Sharon Prothe and Gina Caputo)
  • 2016 - Lunar Arts Training - Colorado School of Yoga (Gina Caputo)
  • Biomechanics of Stretching- Jules Mitchell
  • Bandha Yoga- Ray Long